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Aestech will select the winners of The Futureglass Prize at the World Architecture Festival

For the second year in a row, the company is initiating a special award at the festival that recognizes the best projects with the use of glass.


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From November 29th to December 1st, the largest event dedicated to architecture and development, the World Architecture Festival 2023, will take place in Singapore. The festival is a major global platform for presenting innovations, products, and implemented projects.

Aestech – for the second time in the history of WAF – is introducing the special award, The Futureglass Prize. On the festival's final day, members of the special jury will select the best projects using glass and innovative methods of its application.

Last year, the shortlist included 7 projects from all over the world: from the USA to Australia. The projects varied greatly, including museums, industrial facilities, renovation projects, office centers, and skyscrapers. What unites them is their ability to push the boundaries and elevate glass architecture to a new level.

"The projects awarded The Futureglass Prize are a shining example of glass technology development and the popularization of glass as a material. Last year, it was quite challenging to select the winner because the level of projects was very high. We are confident that this year we will see even more daring and interesting projects."
Leonid Lazebnikov, Aestech CEO

Leonid Lazebnikov, Aestech CEO

In 2022, the architectural bureau MVRDV received The Futureglass Prize for their project, the publicly accessible art depot Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. The enormous mirrored "bowl" became a city landmark and a testament to ergonomic and human-centered architecture. Inside, there are over 150,000 exhibits displayed in glass cases, showcased in atriums, integrated into walls, or simply suspended between floors.

Find more information about The Futureglass Prize here: https://www.worldarchitecturefestival.com/waf2023/en/page/special-prize-futureglass

Our Projects

Aestech stand at the World Architecture Festival 2022 in Lisbon
Aestech stand at the World Architecture Festival 2022 in Lisbon
During the international WAF 2022, dedicated to events, trends, and tendencies in architecture and development, Aestech presented its know-how – frameless glass units with higher stiffness.
UNIT.City Office, Київ, Україна3
UNIT.City Office, Kyiv, Ukraine
The B14 and B15 buildings project in the innovation park UNIT.City in Kyiv. The main feature is the frameless glass facade and its appearance that changes depending on the lighting.
Premium cottage in Riviera Village
Premium cottage in Riviera Village
A premium-class cottage with certified insulated glass units with higher stiffness from Aestech.

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View from Boijmans Van Beuningen Depot

How to create an open museum space and seamlessly integrate it into the city using glass?

Aestech has received qualification confirmations from ift Rosenheim

Aestech has received qualification confirmations from ift Rosenheim

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