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Aestech's philosophy

Insulated glass units with higher stiffness developed according to our own patent. Aesthetic building facades, a new technology of frameless glazing for architects, a new look of cities.

Over the past 15 years, we have developed technologies that allow you to implement the most daring glass-based architectural ideas.

We are inspired to create buildings and cities without frames. Without the frames that recently connected the glass surfaces. The developer wins in terms of construction time, energy efficiency, flexibility of work performance, and optimal use of the area. The seller of the object gets additional profit for the attractiveness of the architectural solution. The market gets perfect technology. Residents get the chance to live in a beautiful aesthetic environment.

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Our values


As a manufacturing company, we strive for sustainable development, contribute to the preservation of natural resources, and bear responsibility for people and nature.

Flexibility and openness to new things

Innovations, technologies, and expertise. This is all about Aestech's openness to new things.


We communicate with clients, partners, and employees in an ecological and equal manner.


Perfect products and solutions are what drives us and what we are about.

Serving aesthetics

We are enthusiasts of aesthetics in architecture.

The history of Aestech


The emergence of high-strength insulating glass technology.



Aestech comes from 2011. It was created by several enthusiastic engineers under the name "PIK Group".



The company became a big player in the Ukrainian market for the development and implementation of innovative engineering solutions, using the technologies of transparent structures based on insulated glass units with higher stiffness. A strong team was assembled, the members of which have considerable experience in the design and creation of engineering structures. Engineers have come a long way in technologies that have both applied and scientific potential and are applied to translucent glass structures. The company has repeatedly received awards for the best solution for facades and dome glazing.


The company became part of the TECHIIA technology holding and received not only a new name but also new opportunities. The construction of its own production facilities has started in Ukraine.

"The aesthetics of cities begins with the aesthetics of buildings. At Aestech, we invented the technology that removes the frames. The frames that bound the imagination of architects. Frames that limited the area to developers. We also removed the glass frames — no more profiles are needed for joining large-format glass in the exterior and interior. As one of the inventors of the technology, I am driven by the opportunity to implement the most daring ideas — this is how we bring technology and aesthetics together. Join in!”
Leonid Lazebnikov, CEO, Aestech

Leonid Lazebnikov, CEO

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Sustainable development

We have been following the guiding principles of sustainability for many years due to the long history of the company and the philosophy of the founders. Responsible management, responsibility for employees and society, as well as for the environment are key elements of our sustainable development strategy.

Environmental Responsibility

The glass industry has high sustainability standards and we strive to uphold them in order to preserve nature and conserve natural resources. In our production, we strive to constantly improve processes to reduce emissions and energy and water consumption.

Social Responsibility

Our activities affect not only the lives of our employees but also the individuals who live near our production. We at Aestech adhere to the values of partnership and responsibility based on respect. We respect others, act responsibly and at the same time develop innovations.

Awards and Diplomas

Awards and Diplomas


The Best Architectural Dome Glazing Solution 2011. "Diamond". Object "Panorama" Restaurant in the "Opera" hotel, Lviv, Ukraine


The Best Facade 2009, National Association of Architects of Ukraine. International Festival "Façade Architecture 2009". For the "Dekor Donbas" shopping center, Donetsk, Ukraine


The Best Facade 2009, National Association of Architects of Ukraine. International Festival "Façade Architecture 2009". Toyota dealership, Kyiv, Ukraine

We create amazing projects together:

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Projects created jointly

Our Projects

Dome covering of Smart Plaza Polytech shopping center, Kyiv, Ukraine
Dome covering of Smart Plaza Polytech shopping center, Kyiv, Ukraine
A record for dome structures - the size of individual transparent elements of the dome covering is more than 4 sq. m. An elegant solution that attracts the attention of visitors.
NOBLE Hotel, Lutsk, Ukraine (project of PIK Group)
Radial and flat facades to create maximum transparency of the building
Chain of gas stations, Ukraine
Chain of gas stations, Ukraine
Large-format facades, 4.2 meters high without visible vertical load-bearing elements.

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