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Renovation and Modernization of Glass Facades using frameless facade solutions based on Aestech Glazing technology

Complexity of renovation

Loss of income – the building needs to be closed for reconstruction for a long time. Complexity of redesign due to lack of documentation.


Additional repair work – not all new facade solutions can be adapted to old load-bearing structures.


Logistical challenges – buildings are often located in central parts of the city with difficult access.

Glass facade

Low energy efficiency

Facade elements wear out

Due to environmental influences, so more and more energy is required to maintain comfortable conditions –money literally flies out the window.

High competition for tenants

From modern and efficient office centers and constant pressure from regulators due to high emissions.

Outdated facades

20% — 35% of energy costs are paid for losses due to outdated facades. Energy consumption in buildings accounts for almost 49% of all energy consumption and 77% of all electricity, and 47% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Save 25% to 40% annually on energy costs alone and maintain your income during renovations with Aestech

Frameless glass facade systems by Aestech — new technologies for glass facade construction and renovation.

Aestech ensures efficient work at all project stages


Building analysis to determine the optimal solution


Development and design of the structure


Calculation and production of the system


Logistics services


Dismantling and installation works


Technical supervision


Service and warranty maintenance


Warranty for Aestech solutions

Glass facade Aestech
Glass facade Aestech
Glass facade Aestech

Step-by-step work on each floor without interrupting building operations

The unique features of Aestech technology allow renovation work to be carried out gradually, on each individual floor.


• Fully functional floors with Aestech facade systems installed.


• Floor in the process of installing the system.


• Floor in the process of preparing the system for installation. If desired, all floors below can remain fully accessible for regular use with the old facade system in place.

Glass facade Aestech

The absence of metal mounting elements ensures energy savings of 20% to 35% per year

Aestech facade systems using insulated glass units with higher stiffness, do not require any metal supports or ridges, which are the primary cause of heat loss. By eliminating metal, we have significantly improved the thermal performance characteristics of Aestech facade systems.

In a typical system, the heat transfer coefficient is 1.23, whereas in our solution, it's 0.98, which means that the Aestech system offers a 25% improvement in heat-saving properties.

Our Projects

Dome covering of Smart Plaza Polytech shopping center, Kyiv, Ukraine
Dome covering of Smart Plaza Polytech shopping center, Kyiv, Ukraine
A record for dome structures - the size of individual transparent elements of the dome covering is more than 4 sq. m. An elegant solution that attracts the attention of visitors.
Bay windows in the building on Mykhailivska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
Bay windows in the building on Mykhailivska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
All-glass bay windows as decoration of the building in the historical part of the city.
UNIT.City Office, Київ, Україна3
UNIT.City Office, Kyiv, Ukraine
The B14 and B15 buildings project in the innovation park UNIT.City in Kyiv. The main feature is the frameless glass facade and its appearance that changes depending on the lighting.

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