The Interior

Transparent stairs, interior glass partitions — Aestech has taken these interior elements to a new level. They are stronger than ordinary ones and have higher sound insulation.

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Stairs Details

Stairs and floors

Take a step. See it. Feel it. This is exactly the sequence that your senses will work in when you step on a completely transparent staircase or floor. Limitless space and sensation of flight. And, at the same time, you get sound insulation, strength, and elegance. You also get the opportunity to significantly increase the length of the unsupported part of the step by more than 2 meters, while simultaneously reducing its weight.

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Showcases of Ocean Plaza shopping center, Kyiv, Ukraine Details


Striking showcases: some glass constructions are 7.4 m high. Isn't it a world record!

Our Projects

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Dome covering of Smart Plaza Polytech shopping center, Kyiv, Ukraine
A record for dome structures - the size of individual transparent elements of the dome covering is more than 4 sq. m. An elegant solution that attracts the attention of visitors.
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NOBLE Hotel, Lutsk, Ukraine (project of PIK Group)
Radial and flat facades to create maximum transparency of the building
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Chain of gas stations, Ukraine
Large-format facades, 4.2 meters high without visible vertical load-bearing elements.