The Exterior

Translucent facade systems, dome covers, entrance groups, bay windows — these elements of the exterior received a new aesthetic look with no frames.

The aesthetics of cities is what we at Aestech serve.

Architectural structures are nothing but a reflection of the person's inner world, and we strive for them to be beautiful. Designers, architects, and experts create ideas and we implement them. From the crazy ones to the most practical ones. We respect the freedom of creativity and find solutions that guarantee reliability during design.

The aesthetics of cities is what we at Aestech serve.
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Network of gas stations, "Socar-Ukraine" Details

Facade systems

Only Aestech has a patented technology of large-format glazing with no visible internal and external structures. We share freedom for creativity with architects, supporting their ideas with our technical solutions and production reliability.

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Dome covering of the shopping center Smart Plaza Polytech... Details

Dome covers

We are professionals in the construction of glass domes. Aestech masters received awards for the best solutions in which technology and aesthetics were brought together. Our patented insulated glass unit technology is perfect for the development of dome and roofing systems. You can choose products from our serial production or order an individual solution specifically for your project.

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Entrance unit of residential and office complex "Chicago", Kyiv, Ukraine Details

All-glass entrance groups

You can feel the atmosphere of the building right from its entrance. No matter whether it is private residences or presentation halls, shopping malls, or office centers of any passability. The entrance group is like a welcome hug. You can make them homely and warm, or strict and business-like, and we will implement any idea. Choose any ready-made solutions, or contact us to get an individual solution to fit your idea.

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Bay windows in the house on Mykhailivska street, Kyiv, Ukraine Details

Bay windows and balconies

All-glass bay windows as decoration of the building in the historical part of the city.

Our Projects

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Dome covering of Smart Plaza Polytech shopping center, Kyiv, Ukraine
A record for dome structures - the size of individual transparent elements of the dome covering is more than 4 sq. m. An elegant solution that attracts the attention of visitors.
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NOBLE Hotel, Lutsk, Ukraine (project of PIK Group)
Radial and flat facades to create maximum transparency of the building
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Chain of gas stations, Ukraine
Large-format facades, 4.2 meters high without visible vertical load-bearing elements.