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Frameless Glazing for Living

No Frames, More View

Over the past 17 years, we have developed technologies that allow to bring the most daring glass-based architectural ideas to life.


We deliver high-quality products that seamlessly blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability into architectural projects. Together with strong expertise, experience, and efficiency we always strive to provide world-class service that best suits your project requirements.

Frameless Glazing for Living

Our glazing system seamlessly complement a wide variety of buildings...

Private homes






... and a wide range of application

Enhancing facades









Shower enclosures

Frameless Glazing for Living

Aestech Glazing – technology to produce insulated glass units with higher stiffness

No need for mullions and ridges

Aestech insulating glass units are a self-supporting window / façade system. The connecting elements are simply screwed into the composite structure. This is how the double-glazed windows are interconnected and then fixed to the structural elements of the building.

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)

Together with a special adhesive, they transform the glass unit into a flat tube in which all glass layers are engaged in bearing the load.

Key benefits of the Aestech technology

Crystal clear views

Our frameless glass ensures minimal optical distortions, giving you the most transparent view possible.

Engineered for safety

Our design resists both seismic tremors and high wind loads, ensuring robust protection in all conditions.

Sturdy and safe

Our frameless glazing is not just about looks — it’s stronger and more durable than traditional double-glazed windows.

Sleek and seamless design

Say goodbye to bulky metal structures. Our design is smooth inside and out, maximizing the visual and physical space in your home.

Versatile Installations

Our unique system allows for connections at any angle, providing you with design freedom for your home’s aesthetics.

Superior Insulation

Enjoy a quieter and cozier home. Our frameless system offers at least 20% better sound and thermal insulation compared to traditional methods.

Elegant Curves

Dreaming of sophisticated curved glass features? Our system supports radial glass elements with impressive diameters, adding a touch of luxury to your space.

The stages of “turnkey” work

Contact for more
Familiarization with a project and agreement. Time frame: 2-5 days


Project discussion

Relocation to the construction site

Measurement and assessment of space, condition of slopes/openings, familiarization with the house plan (if provided)

Engineering project development

Design project development, 3D visualization (if necessary)

Detailed project budget

Preparation of a detailed schedule for work, supply and installation

Budget discussion and adjustment

Conclusion of agreement

Production and logistics. Time frame: 40-55 days


Customer-made: production of double glazing / glass structure, tailored to the customer (size, type, functionality)




Storage in the Aestech warehouse

Execution of installation work. Time frame: from 1 day (depends on the complexity and volume of work)


Delivery to the construction site


Dismantling of old systems (if necessary)


Installation of Aestech systems


Use of related materials and equipment


Cleaning the object, removing rubbish/old systems (if necessary)

Penthouse in Kyiv
Kyiv, Ukraine Details

Penthouse in Kyiv

Certified insulated glass units with higher stiffness in a penthouse in the center of Kyiv.

Premium cottage in Riviera Village
Kyiv, Ukraine Details

Premium cottage in Riviera Village

A premium-class cottage with certified insulated glass units with higher stiffness from Aestech.

Private house in Odesa
Odesa, Ukraine Details

Private house

Installation of a corner element 9 by 4 meters of solid glass.

Aestech's project
London, United Kingdom Details

The glass roof for the apartment

We brought this project of a glass roof for a private residence in London to life in collaboration with Michael Kapelski, who simultaneously acted as both the client and the contractor.

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With us, you receive more than just a top-tier product

With us, you receive more than just a top-tier product

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