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Translucent structures based on Aestech's insulated glass units with higher stiffness – get an advantage for implementing bold and ambitious architectural projects

Using our patented Aestech Glazing technology (insulated glass units with higher stiffness), visible metal structures can be eliminated, and the use of external and internal fastening elements can be minimized. The ability to connect glass units with each other and with load-bearing structures at different angles allows for individual solutions for architectural projects of any complexity.



Advantages of Aestech Glazing technology for architects

Advantages of Aestech Glazing technology for architects


Ability to realize individual projects


Absence of visible metal structures and external/internal fastening elements


Connection of glass units with each other or with load-bearing structures at any angle


Increased load-bearing capacity of glass units


Enhanced overall seismic resistance of the system


Improved thermal and sound insulation compared to metal-based systems


Low level of optical distortions, up to their complete visual absence


Possibility of using solutions with radial glass elements with a radius of 1.2 meters or more

Flexibility and Benefits of Aestech Glazing technology enable the implementation of various projects using translucent structures: frameless glass facades, glass roofs, canopies, and entrance groups. 

What's included in the solution package

Design and engineering of the structure

Calculation and production of the system and insulated glass units with higher stiffness

Logistic services

Technical supervision

Service maintenance

Project Workflow

Contact us. We will develop an architectural solution and provide a cost estimate as soon as possible.

Request a calculation
Presentation of the technology and technical consultation for the project

Maximum efficiency in design

Receipt and analysis of initial data from the client or architect

A comprehensive approach to the project

Development of the technical solution concept

Individual approach

Full cycle design of all facade components and systems

Attention to every detail

Personal project management

Professional technical support

Authorship and technical supervision, as well as personnel training during system installation

Full project support

Our Projects

Toyota showroom Autosummit in Kyiv
Toyota showroom Autosummit in Kyiv
For more than 16 years, it has been considered one of the most beautiful car showrooms in Europe.
Chicago Cube, «Chicago» residential complex, Kyiv, Ukraine
Chicago Cube, «Chicago» residential complex, Kyiv, Ukraine
The massive glass entrance structure has become the hallmark of the capital. The world’s largest glass cube, towering 12 meters high, is made of glass units. We hope that in the future, the "Chicago Cube" will be included in the Guinness Book of Records.
UNIT.City Office, Київ, Україна3
UNIT.City Office, Kyiv, Ukraine
The B14 and B15 buildings project in the innovation park UNIT.City in Kyiv. The main feature is the frameless glass facade and its appearance that changes depending on the lighting.

Warranty for Aestech Solutions

All solutions provided by Aestech come with a manufacturer's quality warranty, as well as additional warranties required by the legislation depending on the project's geographical location. Individual warranty obligations can be stipulated in the contract if needed.

Warranty for Aestech Solutions
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Sustainable development

We have been following the guiding principles of sustainability for many years due to the long history of the company and the philosophy of the founders. Responsible management, responsibility for employees and society, as well as for the environment are key elements of our sustainable development strategy.

Environmental Responsibility

The glass industry has high sustainability standards and we strive to uphold them in order to preserve nature and conserve natural resources. In our production, we strive to constantly improve processes to reduce emissions and energy and water consumption.

Social Responsibility

Our activities affect not only the lives of our employees but also the individuals who live near our production. We at Aestech adhere to the values of partnership and responsibility based on respect. We respect others, act responsibly and at the same time develop innovations.

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