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"I didn't know any system with such capabilities": how Aestech's presentation in Porto went

Frameless glazing and lightweight wall panels. The architects of Porto got acquainted with Aestech's proprietary technologies and confirmed their high potential in the Portuguese market.


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On May 12, Aestech held an exclusive presentation of its technologies in Porto. This is one of a series of intimate events for local market professionals. The goal is to introduce the company's products, which allow creating more aesthetic and cost-effective projects.

The presentation was divided into two parts. The first was devoted to the patented Aestech frameless glazing technology. The architects learned about its fundamental element — a high-strength double-glazed unit. It can withstand a much higher load than a standard double-glazed unit of the same dimensions. They could even see for themselves by standing and jumping on a sample.

Checking the load of a double-glazed window
Checking the load of a double-glazed window

Among other things, the guests were impressed by the size of the double-glazed windows and the speed of installation — they had never seen such a unique technology before. The architects also saw renderings, technical drawings, and already implemented projects: UNIT.City, Noble Hotel, private cottage. Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions directly to CEO Leonid Lazebnikov.

Presentation of Aestech technologies

The second part was allocated for a new Aestech product — lightweight wall panel. This is a ready-made self-supporting enclosing structure with a color scheme and texture. Thanks to the reduced weight but the same functionality, developers can reduce the cost and construction time by gaining additional square meters within the building.

Many architects have become interested in panels because they can be used to build in any communications. The building can be erected faster and easier than, for example, with aerated concrete technologies.

Several dozen experts from the local architectural community attended the event. They asked a lot of technical questions and carefully checked the calculations. At the networking part, the guests shared their impressions.

Group photo

"It's something new and very interesting to look at in detail. There is a big potential market for Aestech's technology in Portugal," said Victor Carneiro De Mesquita, Principal Architect at 560 architects.

"I didn't know of any glazing system with such capabilities in terms of size and ease of installation. It's very impressive. Compared to other solutions, it looks very practical. Also, the absence of optical distortion is a big plus," says Daniel Felix of Daniel Félix Arquitectos.

"Installation time is what attracted me to the presentation of wall panels. The technology implies that the panels are made at the factory and then installed quickly. Hence, the cost savings and the potential of the systems," says Daniel Monteiro of Daniel Félix Arquitectos.

"Such presentations are very good for architects, because they begin to understand the possibilities, it gives them a reason to think more creatively. The trend of the Portuguese market is minimalism. Aestech solutions are very much in line with this trend. For example, for historic cities, glass is the most suitable material to combine the old and the new. Glass reflects the environment, does not hide the historical part, but rather reveals it," says Eugeniu Prodan, Director, Project Manager and Chief Architect at Gorgona.

According to Aestech CEO Leonid Lazebnikov, people who attended the presentation will become evangelists for companies in the Portuguese market and will be able to integrate its solutions into new local projects.

Portugal is the No. 1 country in the European Union in terms of investment attractiveness in the construction of private and commercial real estate. There is an active construction of large shopping centers, and there is a question of moving the airport from the center of Lisbon. We hope that our technologies will find their place in the country's newest projects.

Leonid Lazebnikov, CEO of Aestech

Leonid Lazebnikov, CEO of Aestech

Aestech is an international technology company with over 15 years of experience. It creates innovative solutions that allow to realize the most daring architectural ideas related to the use of glass and other building materials. Since 2022, Aestech has been part of the international technology holding TECHIIA.

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