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Aestech became part of the international holding TECHIIA

The partnership will help Aestech to spread the facade frameless glazing technology to the markets of Europe and the USA. The technology is based on insulated glass units with higher stiffness, which are the company's patented solution.


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Aestech became the first asset of TECHIIA holding in the building technology industry. The company was created by acquiring the Ukrainian manufacturer of insulated glass units  - "PIK Group", which has more than ten years of experience in manufacturing and installing large-format insulated glass units.

Today Aestech owns international patents for the technology of insulated glass units with higher stiffness. Their bearing capacity is several times higher compared to standard insulated glass units, and they have minimum optical distortion. There are no vertical and horizontal aluminum profiles, which provide frameless glazing and allow optimal use of the building area.

Therefore, with the help of Aestech, architects and developers will be able to implement any architectural solutions in the aesthetics of buildings and entire cities.

Frameless glass facades are the tomorrow of construction and development, which actually is becoming our today. To our clients from any corner of the world we offer innovative technology that makes it possible to implement the most daring ideas of architects
Leonid Lazebnikov, CEO of Aestech

Leonid Lazebnikov, CEO of Aestech

"Aestech is a new business within TECHIIA holding, but with our traditional philosophy: to offer technological solutions made by Ukrainians to the global market. Innovative, eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction technologies are needed today for every country that wants to create high-quality urban facilities, and especially for Ukraine, which has a big recovery phase ahead."
Yura Lazebnikov, the Managing Partner of the TECHIIA holding

Yura Lazebnikov, the Managing Partner of the TECHIIA holding


"PIK Group" is a Ukrainian company, which has been creating innovative engineering solutions in the technology of transparent structures based on insulated glass units with higher stiffness, as well as transom and post facade systems, dome systems and suspended facades since 2011, to help fulfill the most daring architects' ideas. In due time PIK Group received many awards for the best solutions of glass structures for exterior and interior.

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