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Aestech Panels have received a certificate of compliance with industry standards for fire resistance

152 minutes at over 1000°C: the structure demonstrated stability under high temperatures.


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One of the main drawbacks of different types of enclosing panels is their low ability to resist fire while maintaining operational qualities. This characteristic has long hindered the widespread use of lightweight enclosing structures in the industry. Furthermore, some solutions are openly dangerous in case of a fire. The unsuccessful experience of their use has given rise to many myths surrounding fencing structures as being non-fire-resistant.

Fire resistance testing of Aestech Panels

In 2022, Aestech introduced its new product – the lightweight wall panel Aestech LP. It is a ready-to-use enclosing structure that combines aesthetics, significantly speeds up the installation process, and allows for cost reduction in construction without any loss of quality.

Special attention was given to the fire resistance of the panel during its development. Recently, Aestech LP received a certificate of compliance with the industry standard DSTU EN 1364-1:202 (EN 1364-1:2015, IDT).

Fire resistance testing of Aestech Panels

How was the test conducted?

The structure, comprising three panels (1000 mm x 3000 mm, 160 mm thickness) simulating a wall, was placed in a special chamber oven. The test simulates a real fire, with the temperature inside the chamber exceeding 1000°C.

The testing lasted a total of 152 minutes. During the test, the structure made of lightweight wall panels demonstrated stability without any apparent signs of deformation.

Post-test inspection

After the test, a thorough inspection was conducted on all structure components to check for collapse or bending, the ability to bear its weight, the presence of cracks or holes, and so on. On the exterior of the structure, there were slight indications of soot, indicating that the amount of burnable material in the panel is minimal.

There appeared to be no deformations or cracks. Moreover, there were no visible signs of temperature influence on the exterior wall. Even after such a prolonged simulated fire, the panels retained their original appearance and continued to protect against smoke and fire spread. Measurements of the deformation level of the structure showed values ranging from 5 to 10 mm.

Fire resistance testing of Aestech Panels

The lightweight wall panel is a safe and practical material that allows for simple, fast, and efficient construction.

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