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Aestech has completed a project for the roof of a private house in London

The customer carried out the installation work independently.


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Aestech, in collaboration with PEARTREE JOINERY & DESIGN LTD, completed the roof project in a private apartment in London. Interestingly, the customer and contractor for this project was the same person, Michael Kapelski, who manages the company that performed the installation work.

Aestech project: frameless glazing

With an average annual rainfall of 2000-3000 mm in the area, the customer was looking for not only an aesthetically pleasing but also a practical solution. Ultimately, they opted for high-strength glass panels. Three insulated glass units of higher stiffness were used for the project. The total area of the roof, which replaced the old window, was 7x2 meters.

Aestech project: frameless glazing
Aestech project: frameless glazing
Aestech project: frameless glazing

The new panoramic roof visually enlarged the space and filled it with natural light. High-strength glass panels do not require heavy metal support structures, significantly reducing heat loss and greatly improving the building's energy efficiency.

This is not the first time Aestech has applied their solutions to private houses. More projects can be found in our portfolio.

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