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Discover the implemented Aestech projects: frameless facade glazing, panoramic glazing, dome coverings — for home and business.

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Aestech stand at the World Architecture Festival 2022 in Lisbon
During the international WAF 2022, dedicated to events, trends, and tendencies in architecture and development, Aestech presented its know-how – frameless glass units with higher stiffness.
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Chain of gas stations, Ukraine
Large-format facades, 4.2 meters high without visible vertical load-bearing elements.
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Bay windows in the building on Mykhailivska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine
All-glass bay windows as decoration of the building in the historical part of the city.
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Chicago Cube, «Chicago» residential complex, Kyiv, Ukraine
The solid glass entrance unit, which has become a landmark in the capital city. The largest all-glass cube in the world, with a width, height and length of 12 meters. Over time, the "Chicago Cube" will be included in the Guinness Book of Records.
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NOBLE Hotel, Lutsk, Ukraine (project of PIK Group)
Radial and flat facades to create maximum transparency of the building
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Printing plant "Ukraine", Kyiv
A large-format system with no visible existing elements that gave the facade a modern look and improved the energy efficiency of the building
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UNIT.City Office, Kyiv, Ukraine
Due to the design of insulated glass units with higher stiffness, we have developed structural solutions that can be built into various openings without the use of additional supporting structures. It's simple and fast. Insulated glass units are mechanically fixed directly behind the composite reinforcing contour. Such a solution and fixation system allow you to create multi-sloped and three-dimensional transparent structures.

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